A POP is “a persistent, contextualized, and specific issue embedded in the work of a professional practitioner, the addressing of which has the potential to result in improved understanding, experience, and outcomes.”

-Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), 2016

Our current POPs include:

  1. Instructional Coaching
  2. Measuring the Impact of PL
  3. New Teacher & Mentor PL
  4. Online & Alternative Forms of PL

One of our goals for our POP collaboration is to create deliverables. Check out our progress below and join us for our next F2F meeting!

Below are some deliverables from our POP collaboration throughout the 2021-2022 school year. We are excited to share them with fellow professional learning colleagues.

Instructional Coaching

For your consideration…

  • Begin with the coaching mindset; define what coaching is in your district/organization and spread the word!
  • Beware of who you call a coach… adding “coach” to multiple roles may confuse and/or overwhelm teachers.
  • What is the best way to evaluate instructional coaches? Consider designing an instructional coaching-specific rubric using the T-TESS rubric as a lens for what may need to be included.
  • How will principals be included while honoring their time? Consider creating the space and time for principals, instructional coaches, and district-leaders to come together on a consistent basis for community building, collaboration, and learning around coaching. 
  • Empower instructional coaches to have conversations with their principal to come to consensus of what is the right work for the IC to engage in. Also discuss work that may not get as much attention if the focus of the instructional coach is elsewhere.

Suggested Resources!

Visit the Bright Morning website (hosted by Elena Aguilar) for free coaching resources! https://brightmorningteam.com/free-tools/

Online & Alternative Forms of Professional Learning

#CoffeeEDU – once a month both virtual and in person (alternate)

EdCamp – the “unconference” where teachers choose topics

Mastermind Group – small group of educators meet once a month, set individual goals, use technology with instruction, earn certifications, given a stipend

  • Giving teachers voice in learning
  • Allows for sharing of ideas across experiences
  • Easy to plan
  • Welcoming to all
  • Allows for more personalized learning

Podcast PD (example: Inspired to Learn – Digital Learning Radio (seasons 10 – 11) – listen & reflect!)

Online Learning:

Badging programs

Listening to Podcast and submitting a reflection piece (shout out Region 10’s DigLearnRadio podcast PD form)

Participating in Twitter chats and submitting reflection piece

Tools like Genial.ly for asynchronous learning: HP Example

Tools to help with online reading/research (Read Wise)

  • Honors teachers’ time
  • Allows for choice
  • Allows for more personalized learning

Book Recommendations:

Design for Belonging

The EdTech Coaching Primer: Supporting Teachers in the Digital Age Classroom