Our first meeting is finally here. Please Join us this Friday!

9:00-11:30 am: Collaborative/Critical Friend/Problem of Practice Groups

FWISD Professional Learning & Instructional Services is excited to be hosting the LFNTX!  We will meet at:

 FWISD Professional Development Center (PDC) 3150 McCart, FW 76110 in Room 108.  

1pm-3pm: FWISD “The Domino Effect”

We are planning a comprehensive overview of the Learning Designs with follow-up data from participants and presenters who engaged in the professional learning designs along with supporting student data.  There will be engaging hands-on activities that will illustrate “the Domino Effect” of professional learning over a three year period.  

Please join us in the collaboration and the learning. If you bring a friend that has not been to a meeting, you and your guest will receive a welcome gift.

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