LFNTX January 17th @ Birdville ISD

Happy 2020 Learning Forward North Texas! We look forward to seeing everyone next week. Please click on the following link to check out the agenda and info for next week. We will carve out some time first thing for people to share about their experience from St. Louis in December! If you want to bring any cool artifacts from any sessions to show off, please do. Have a fabulous weekend and we will see you soon!

Update for LFNTX @ Dallas

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Below is information on what will be covered in the afternoon session this Friday, October 25, 2019. We hope to see you there! The learning experience in the afternoon will be interactive and full of opportunities to apply, reflect and connect around the following topic:

How Dallas ISD is designing a Professional Learning System to advance 1) a racial equity mindset and culture, 2) the delivery of high quality professional development by professional developers, and 3) the development and implementation of coherent ecosystems of learning.  We will be highlighting the Dallas ISD 5-Year Racial Equity Professional Learning Plan along with the PD4PD and #iDigLearning Initiatives as two (2) specific examples of our emerging system. Also, participants will leave the session with a digital toolkit supporting further exploration and application of each topic.