Oct 20

Please join us for this powerful learning opportunity!


Professional Learning Community: At our first meeting in September, we worked to collaboratively set our “Problem of Practice” that we will be working through as a group for this year. This month we will begin learning with and from each other as we share resources and/or thinking that will help us further define our problem and the work we will need to do in order to create meaningful solutions.

Problem Of Practice: Through collaborative inquiry and research we will meet the diverse needs of adult learners through differentiated professional learning.

We will be focusing on the first part of the problem: Adult Learners have diverse learning needs.

Please come prepared to share something with the group that will help us define and explore the diverse learning needs we encounter in leading adult learning. Consider:

  • Bringing an article to share (20ish copies)
  • Identifying challenges in your role that you are willing to share.
  • Tweeting resources or thinking using the hashtag: #lfntxpop

9-OO-11-30 (1).jpg

During our regular meeting the team from Arlington ISD will be facilitating our group as we think together and learn from each other.

How To: Grow your Professional Learning Networks using Twitter
It’s evident that social media has been utilized to connect people across the world. Many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have over millions of account users engaged in interactions a daily basis. While there are many platforms to consider utilizing to grow your professional learning network, we’ll explore Twitter.
Participants will engage in the learning through the lens of supporting novice to intermediate adult learners in understanding the benefits of growing your professional learning network and ways to seek individual agency.

Arlington ISD

AISD Mac Bernd Professional Development Center (PDC) is located at

1111 W. Arbrook Blvd. Arlington, Texas 76015.

Please RSVP to Gaya Jefferson gjeffers@aisd.net and follow the AISD PL Team on twitter via @aisdlearning


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