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Problem Of Practice: Through collaborative inquiry and research we will meet the diverse needs of adult learners through differentiated professional learning.

We have spent the fall learning together and establishing a common understanding of our problem. In this first meeting of 2018 we will begin working on our collaborative product: A Professional Learning Handbook

We are hoping to create a tool that we can all use or adapt in our settings to provide an accessible resource of best practices for new and experienced facilitators.

Other products will surely emerge as we work towards “solving” our problem of practice, and we are excited about the collaborative work ahead as we all work together to ensure meaningful learning for teachers across North Texas!

What to Bring: Resources, articles, books, and your brain! We will start to form teams that will define the section of our handbook and then we will get to work!

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Professional Learning: A Year in Review

Start preparing NOW for a powerful meeting of the minds during our learning portion of our time together!! While you are attending the Learning Forward Conference, plan to bring your best learning, biggest AHA, or must share with you in January! If you aren’t attending the Learning Forward National Conference, that is OK…we know you have been learning elsewhere this year!!

We will have the opportunity to share with and learn from each other during our afternoon time together!

As always, feel free to bring your lunch and bring a friend! Looking forward to seeing you all in January!

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