We will wrap up before noon when the governor speaks.

We look forward to gathering virtually and supporting one another during this unprecedented time. Join via Zoom at 11:00: https://zoom.us/j/899765714?pwd=MnN2M1VRa1E4VGRnZWxpZDk3Tnhadz09 (password: 4UxAYi).

Prior to our gathering, please think about the following:
– What have been the biggest challenges for your district during this time?
– What types of learning have your teachers needed most during this time? How has this been provided?
– What do you anticipate being the biggest need(s) of your district when we transition back to face-to-face school?
– What are you seeing now that you hope will continue once we’re back to face-to-face school?

Special Guests:
We are excited to welcome Learning Forward West Texas to our virtual collaboration!

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